How does CLEAR™ work?

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CLEAR captures trades in real-time from CME, ICE, and Nasdaq
Trades populate in real time once cleared by exchanges
Trade ConfirmsExecution TimeCompanyAccountTrade IDDescriptionRateBillableStatusMay 09 2017, 10:42 AMXYZ Trading LLC1234A9208609Sell 200 Dec 17 40.00 Put at 0.300.0035 $ / bbl$700ClearedMay 09 2017, 10:42 AMABC Trading LLC0005C9208610Sell 200 Dec 17 40.00 Put at 0.300.0035 $ / bbl$700ClearedMay 09 2017, 10:42 AMOilGas Trading LLCQWRT39208611Exchange CodeLOLOLOSell 200 Dec 17 40.00 Put at 0.300.0035 $ / bbl$700Firm Share$350$350$350Cleared
Confirms via Chat
Send a chat confirm on ICE CHAT/AOL with one click
RESERVOIR DOGS Message Console - ICE ChatJoe Cabot*Mr Orange*Mr Pink*Mr Rainbow*Mr Red*Mr White*Marvin Nash*Mr Black*Mr Blonde*Mr Blue*Mr Brown*Mr Chrome*Mr Maroon*Mr Nice Guy*Group Send5/4/17 2:19:18 PM XYZ Trading : (MrPink) sold 200 at 305/4/17 2:19:24 PM Broker1 : ty!5/4/17 2:19:27 PM Broker1 : done on 2005/4/17 2:19:30 PM XYZ Trading : (MrPink) ty5/4/17 2:19:40 PM Broker1 : July CS - OUT5/4/17 2:32:12 PM Broker1 : Trade ConfirmCleared 1:21 PM CTCompany: XYZ Trading LLCTrader: MrPinkAccount: 1234AClearing Party: NYMEXTrade ID: 5465123Summary: Sell 200 Dec 17 BV 40.00 Put at 0.30 [BLOCK] Sell 100 Dec 17 BV 40.00 Put at 0.30[BLOCK] Sell 100 Dec 17 BV 40.00 Put at 0.30Thank you for letting us compete for your businessAutomatic trade confirmation, POWERED BY CLEAR™Send To:
Confirms via Email
Send an email confirm with one click both immediately post trade & aggregated EOD
Email Trade ReportSend EmailSubjectRecap for trade ID: 94483confirms@dukebrokers.comEmail AddressCancel
End-of-Day Text Message
Get a text at the end of the day letting you know how you did
Broker receiving a text message
Real-time statistics
Stay on top of accruals and collections with real time data
Accruals for May, 2017AprilMay05,00010,00015,00020,00025,00030,00031302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321Total for May$375,203Total for April$302,079Collection Rate85%
Invoices and collections simplified
Invoices are automatically generated at end of the month
SubjectInvoice for MayEmail End of Month Invoiceinvoice@huntbrothers.comEmail AddressCancelSend Email
Accounting integration
Export end of month data directly into your accounting system:
  • Send invoices for clients and bills for salespeople
  • Reconcile payments received directly into your accounting system
  • Prepare compliance reports: NFA's Net Cap Min calculation and 1-FR-IB's
  • Sync back into CLEAR to track collection rates
Quickbooks Connection ManagerConnected to Demo CompanyCancelDisconnectFilter by MonthAvailable InvoicesCustomerDateTotal BalanceStatusActionsXYZ Trading LLC2017-05-3111,562.50SYNCED
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